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 St. Albans International School Lianyungang

Sino - British cooperation

St Albans International School, Lianyungang

 St. Albans International School is a Sino-British co-managed full-time boarding international bilingual school. The school not only offers high-quality compulsory education, to guarantee students to key secondary school and in future to ensure admission to the domestic famous universities; but also according to British standards, carries out international courses and meaningful education, so that students can successfully study abroad, and lay the good foundation to enter the foreign famous universities and institutions  in future.

  The school located in the beautiful coastal city of Lianyungang Lianyun New Town, is the first integrated Chinese and Western educational philosophy of international bilingual schools in north of Jiangsu. It will begin in the autumn of 2017 for the national enrollment.

  In the international curriculum, foreign teachers create the English environment and provide students with top British quality training; in the course of the teaching process, we pay attention to the students' happy learning and the fun of learning, to develop children's desire for knowledge; in daliy life, high standards of living facilities and careful management of care ensure that students are growing safely ,healthily and  happliy.

Because St. Albans International School is  in the context of the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, children could enjoy a happy and healthy learning process, so that your child from the beginning of the school will receive the international high- standard  education and will set the footstone for his or her future development of the career and happiness.

  We enroll 6-12 years old children, and we have a complete scholarship program for your outstanding children. We have arranged for the International Child Grants Program for families with financial difficulties.

Our excellent teams of teachers and students at St. Albans International School are  looking forward to your arrival!